Working 9 till 5?

Working 9 till 5?

Finally found the time to write a summary of my first week. What a week it was.. So I started working the morning after my arrival. You could say I was a tad bit nervous, because I had no idea what my role would be exactly. The first morning I started with the miniclub, which was easy enough as basically the entire time is filled doing things that I secretly still enjoy myself. For example: jumping around with the children on a bouncy castle or having a water fight or dress up in weird costumes. I was quite relieved when I figured that this was going to be my job for two months every morning from 10 till 12.

After the miniclub we had about an hour lunch break. I was told that the afternoon activities would start around three in the afternoon, so I was quite confused when I was told to come with the others at one for ‘rehearsals’. Once we arrived at the gym they explained that we would spend the afternoon rehearsing for some show, led by a professional dancer and choreographer, Marion. Still under the impression that it would be a bit of a joke, a bit of amusement for the guests I tried my best to follow the (mostly French) explanation of the dance steps.

It took me until the point where one of my male colleagues has to lift me up into the air about two times to realise that this show was far more serious. About half an hour into the rehearsal everyone was sweating so much that it was barely possible to even hold on to each other. Not a big surprise if you start a very intense work-out whilst it is about 45 degrees outside.


My horrifying crazy portrait

After a couple of hours of rehearsing it was time for the second part of the miniclub, so we headed back to the club house. Luckily for me, most of the children spoke English, although I have to admit that the Irish kids might as well have been speaking French because I barely understood them with their accent. Just smile, nod and wave.

At 6 all of the kids had been picked up by their parents and we headed back to the apartments to have dinner and take a shower as we were again drenched in sweat. No, not very attractive. After the shower and meal we changed our sweaty shirts for clean ones and started setting up the minidisco. Although I was aware that this would be part of my duties I have to admit that it wasn’t the part I was most looking forward to. I feel like I have to explain that I do enjoy dancing, but I am very, very bad at remembering certain steps and thus look like a total fool when I am pushed on stage to be the example for the children and parents (and pretty much everyone who happens to be at the bar for that matter).

After the minidisco, which was finished about 10 at night, we headed back, changed our shirts again to our black evening shirts and continued the animation programme for adults, including quizzes and dancing etc.

At about midnight, the programme had finished and I was longing for my bed. However, unfortunately for me the day wasn’t over yet. More rehearsing. More lifting, more dancing, more remembering steps and routines. This rehearsal continued into the early hours and when it was finally time for me to get to the apartments I could barely find the energy to take a shower and brush my teeth before I slumped down on the bed and fell into some sort of coma.

Next morning, 9 am, it started all over again. This time, with an incredible muscle ache. And so it continued day after day. I haven’t even been here for a full week yet but I have already lost about two kilos in weight. Although I am finally getting somewhat better at working the stage and remembering the dance routines I still feel like the odd one out in a team of ridiculously talented people.



The two highlight of this week for me were quite possibly when the children got to do my makeup and decided to make my entire face blue, which meant that I had to go to all the rehearsals the entire day looking like a messed up smurf. The other one was when Sabrina tried to show me how to supervise the mini cars. She tried to explain to Perrine, Germaine and me that when a child crashes into the side of the track, you have to give the car a little push. She demonstrated this by slamming one of the cars into the side fence, but just as she was about to hit the fence, Germaine started to shout. Unfortunately it was too late and Sabrina had already slammed it right into what then appeared to be a (now dead) lizard. This is probably one of those ‘you should have been there’ stories, but honestly if you had seen the dramatic look on Sabrina’s face followed by the tragic pose of the lizard with its arms widespread on the ground, as sad as it was, it would have been a highlight of your week as well.

Anyway, today was my first day off. Of course, it had to rain. Sunshine all week but on my day off an immense thunderstorm appeared. Just my luck. Nevertheless it was a well needed day of relaxing, especially for my poor body and muscles. Apart from that I also had the time to write this not so short summary after all. I’ll tell you more next time.

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